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What the hell to do.

Ughhh so I havnt been this happy in forever!

& im scared fuckin shitless. Im afraid to fall in love with someone andthem not love me just as much back. I know guys can put on one hell of a show sometimes. So its hard to believe anything anyone tells me.

I dont wanna be like this anymore. Im trying to take all his love in, and sometimes its just to overwhelming. I mean me? How can someone love just simple ole me.

Its been so long since ive felt this way with someone. I dont want it to go away, I want it to last. Can I make it last, will he let it last? 

Is this my happiness ive been looking for? Tell me this is true…

One of those things again.

I wonder if sometimes you look back at me the way I look at you.
I wonder alot of things though.
I want you.
Every flaw, everything.
Because I love every single little piece of you.
I wonder if one day youll ever get to read these?
I hope you can…sometime down the road.
I keep thinking maybe, just maybe once my shit gets together youll see how much could could really accomplish.
I want to make you happy.
I want whatever you want.
Cause we see so eye to eye.
Our thoughts, dreams.
I want the adventures, bickering, the cute simple little things you do to make me smile.
I want you to know how I feel, how you make me feel…and I wish I could help you the same way.
The brightness I used to see in your eyes.
Your way too awesome to be so damn hurt.

Just Another Babble.

I didnt feel like typing a bunch of the same old shit out.
Butthen im like ughh fuckk I need to vent somewhere, where noone knows me and I can feel free to say it all.
I need to stop doing this to myself.
I let you get to me.
I let myself love you and pretend for everything to be fine.
Ya see! How much we just fit?
We think alike so much its insane.
But your just like the others…and its never going to get that far.
But you know ill be here, and so will you, but not in the way I hope.

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